Friday, May 22, 2015

WIP: Alpha Bases

Just a quick one this morning to show a little progress on my Alpha bases. Wasn't at all happy with the brick dyeing last time so I went back to do it the old fashioned way. They're a little bright now, but that'll tone down with the washing and weathering.

Big 3 Day weekend here, so fingers crossed for some good hobby time!



  1. You do not mess around with pinning models to bases!

    1. You mean pinning in general, or because they're so long? Pins double as holders while painting. I keep em long so that they can stick in the corks easily. I use sculpting armature wire because it's easy to find, use, and fairly cheap. Paperclips are a pain to bend and you risk damaging things while messing around with them but the armature wire lets you continually reposition while you're working without degrading the metal.

    2. Just that your pins were significantly thicker and longer then mine...(phrasing GREG!). I actually like it, because you can see how well they'd hold in the cork while you are working, and then easily transfer to the finished bases later for a secure fit.

      I was a huge magnet guy, now I'm a magnet/paper clip pin guy, so always on the look out for other techniques and way people paint and mount their models!

    3. Only downside of amature wire is that it's not magnetic